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Refresher Course in ICT and Soft Skills

Duration of the Programme : The Refresher Course in ICT and Soft Skills  will be of three weeks' duration. The course will start on 22nd Sep, 2017 and shall be over on 12th Oct, 2017.  


Evaluation of Participants

When possible, experts, preferably external, will be asked to assess the participants on

the basis of multiple-choice objective tests, and give grades to participants, taking also

into account other evaluations already done. The grading will be as follows:

i. A: 75 per cent and above

ii. B: 60 per cent to less than 75 per cent

iii. C: 50 per cent to less than 60 per cent

iv. D: Below 50 per cent

Those teacher participants who get Grade D are required to repeat the programme after a gap of one year without financial commitment to the UGC-RCCB and HRDC.

The total marks will be 100 and the same will be distributed in the following manner:

I. Multiple-choice objective tests 30

II. Seminars/participant presentation 15

III. Project/survey/others 20

IV. Micro-teaching/participation 10

V. Holistic response 25

(punctuality, regularity, initiative, conduct, responsiveness, etc.)

The above distribution may be adjusted to meet specific requirements.

The certificate issued to the teacher participant will only be valid if supported by the Grade based on the evaluation made during the programme.

Kindly visit the following link to view the Guideline of  XII Five Year Plan For UGC-HRDC